Econ 318: Advanced Macroeconomics

On Monday, 1/17, we will finish the primer on difference/differential equations and will begin the Solow Model.

Schedule Changes:

I have jury duty next Wednesday-Friday. There will be no class on either date. We will make up this lost class later in the semester. I will have no office hours and minimal availability on this dates.

I have scheduled extra office hours for Saturday, 1/12 from 10:30-12:30. I will probably have more weekend office hours next week as well. My office hour for next Thursday has been moved to 10-11 on Tuesday.

Due to the MLK day holiday, we will meet on 1/23 and 1/25. The latter date is a Friday.

Due to more jury duty, we will meet on 1/28 and 2/1 (another Monday, Friday week).

After 2/1, things should return to normal (no more jury duty), and I will then try to find a good week to meet MWF.


Course Documents


Practice Problems

Here are the Amazon links for the textbooks that we will be using. You definitely want the first two. The third is useful but students with stronger math backgrounds may not need it. I suggest that you pick an older edition (but avoid the first and second editions of Romer).

Romer’s Advanced Macroeconomics.

Gali’s New Keynesian text

Farmer’s Macroeconomics of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies