Econ 313, Class Notes

Notes for each topic are posted here.

1. The Housing Bubble

Housing Bubble Basics

Speculative Bubbles

The Role of Policy in the Housing Bubble

Housing and the Business_Cycle

(Note: For Fall 2017, the previous topic will only be covered as part of a homework assignment)

2. Propagation and Panic

Mortgage Backed Securities

Credit Theory

The Financial Panic

3. Monetary Policy

Monetary Economics


Below this point, notes have not yet been updated from the Fall 2016 semester. I will do so before we reach each topic during the semester.

Non Conventional Monetary Policy

4. Fiscal and Regulatory Policies

Fiscal Policy Overview

Fiscal Policy Response


5. Recovery and Aftermath




Below this point, notes are from Fall 2015. Fall 2016 updates will be posted as we approach each topic.