Econ 313: The Great Recession

I will have office hours from 2:30-4 on Wednesday. Please sign up on Bates Reach and send a zoom invite.

The final quiz will be at 8 AM on Friday, October 16. Unfortunately, this is the same day that the paper is due, I cannot officially move the paper deadline. But I will accept late papers through the weekend with a penalty equal to one-billionth of a letter grade.

Because we are not supposed to hand out exams in the usual way, the exam questions will be displayed on the screen in the front of the room. Please bring your own paper, A reminder that you may bring any printed materials (e.g. notes, readings, etc.) to the exam.

Expect 3-4 questions. Here and here are a couple of old finals (different format) to give you a general feel for the type of question that you may see.


Class Notes

Reading List