Econ 270, Course Documents

This page includes my class notes, practice problems, and answer keys for each topic in this course. It also indicates the assigned reading. The schedule is tentative and material may be added or deleted due to time constraints.

Students are strongly encouraged to keep up with the material. Much of the material in this course is cumulative and it may be very difficult to catch up if you fall significantly behind.

The practice problems are designed to gauge students’ readiness for examinations. If you are able to answer most of the practice problems, then you can expect to do well on exams. If you do not know where to begin the practice problems, then you should expect to do poorly on exams.

Expect some small changes (updating data and fixing some typos) throughout the semester,

I. Introduction

Basics and Review:    Notes     Problems     Key     Reading: Jones, Ch. 1-2

Theoretical Models     Notes      Problems    Key     Reading: Jones, Ch. 1-2.

Econometric Methods    Notes    Problems    Key

II. Economic Growth

Empirical Evidence   Notes   Problems   Key          Reading: Jones, Ch. 3,  Barro (2003)

Solow Model   Notes   Problems   Key    Reading: Jones Ch. 4-5

Endogenous Growth   Notes     Problems    Key      Reading: Jones Ch. 6

III. Business Cycles

Empirical Evidence   Notes    Problems    Key

Life Cycle Model and Consumption    Notes    Problems    Key    Reading: Jones, Ch. 15

New Keynesian Model   Notes   Problems    Key     Reading: Jones, Ch. 9-13

Asset Pricing and Financial Markets    Notes    Problems    Key Reading: Jones, Ch, 16

Credit Cycles    Notes    Problems    Key Reading: Jones, Ch. 14

Expectations    Notes    Problems    Key

IV. Current Events (mixed in as we go)

Debt and Deficits    Notes   Problems    Key    Reading: Jones, Ch. 17

Social Security and Medicare    Notes    Problems    Key