Econ 150, Applied Principles of Economics

ECO 150, Fall 2022.

On Thursday, October 6, we will finish discussing market failures. In addition to the notes, we may discuss a few of these applications. We will also discuss market structures/power.

The second required homework assignment is up under “Assignments.” It is due on 10/7.

Textbook: I rarely follow a textbook closely. I instead provide students with my own notes and supplemental materials. I am assigning the following open source textbook, which is approximately as good as any more expensive text, as a reference (we will not be covering all 938 pages). I will note the chapters that correspond to course material as we go. It also includes practice problems.

Taylor, Timothy, Greenlaw, Stephen, and Eric Dodge. 2017. Principles of Economics- 2eOpenStax


Course Materials