ECO 103, Introductory Macroeconomics

On Monday, May 10, we will start discussing fiscal policy. We will follow this worksheet. I am asking students to research one topic ahead of class depending on their last name.

On Tuesday, May 11, we will discuss the third homework (due 5/18), I will discuss any aspects of the notes on fiscal policy leftover from Monday, an we will look at the U.S. and international fiscal outlooks.

On Thursday, May 13 and Friday, May 14, we will discuss economic growth, the studeny of long-run macroeconomics.

The mean on the second exam was a 115.9/150 (77.3%). The standard deviation was a 20.4/150 (13.6%). The minimum was a 54 and the maximum was a 143. Here are quintiles:

20th percentile (higher score than 20% of the class: 99/150

40th percentile: 115/150

60th percentile: 122/150

80the percentile: 135/150

90th percentile: 139/150


Here is the worksheet from the second class of the module. Here is the worksheet on market failures.


Throughout the semester, I will post my class notes and practice problems for each topic. These will be available under “Course Documents”

I am using an open source textbook this semester. It is available here.


Course Documents